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The 99%

The Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City, as seen by Brendon Stuart, whose involvement in the demonstrations is both as a photographer and as a self described ‘concerned citizen’. Scroll down for more, including an audio podcast and a downloadable PDF.

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Listen to the podcast of Brendon describing his experiences and reflecting upon his involvement with the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York City.

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As a way to bring Brendon’s photographs full circle and back into the public arena, we created a design that can be used to build a tent shelter.

Click on the image above to download the PDF with Brendon’s photographs. A blank version is available for you to download and fill with your own imagery here. Print it out any size you want and create a tent to occupy everywhere from your desk at home or work to a public square. We are interested in the idea of the space as a forum for debate and communication and as such we would love for you to share with us your stories, thoughts, ideas and comments on any of the issues surrounding the Occupy movements.

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We are looking into ways to include your voice and expand this project, both online and in the real world, so please get in touch.

And if you do build a tent, don’t forget to share your creation with us.

The only limit is your imagination!