A platform for documentary photography and socially conscious art.


Sombra Projects is a platform for documentary photography and socially conscious art.

Utilising multiple methods of distribution including community-based projects, online showcases, site-specific exhibitions, print publications and affordable fine art prints, our goal is to make documentary photography accessible to as wide an audience as possible.

Central to this goal is an engagement with and between the people and communities whose stories we focus on and our audience. It is essential that we provide the opportunity to connect the viewer with the subject, both through the medium and, where possible, directly.  As documentarians, artists and journalists it is our aim to create opportunities for people to voice their opinions, communicate their stories and participate in conversation and debate.

Working with contributors from various disciplines, we aim to present documentary-based work in innovative ways, enhancing the experience of the viewer and providing an arena in which engagement and debate are both welcomed and encouraged. This cross platform approach will allow for versatility and inclusion in the creation and distribution of the work.


Tiana Markova-Gold

Tom White

Contact us at info@sombraprojects.com